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The following is from the report of the June 12th meeting of the Greenwich Village Trustees as published in our local newspaper, MAIN STREET:

Mayor Chris McCormick introduced Andy Rymph and John Witt to the Board. These men were present to share their ideas for a proposed development on Eddy Street. Mr. Witt has purchased the parcel of land once intended for a rehab facility from Ms. Diana Cristaldi Wurster. Two parcels of land, one of 57.2 acres, the other of 4.7 acres were discussed.

Mr. Witt and Mr. Rymph outlined the ideas for this development. They have chosen to present their plans at this early stage to get community and Village Trustee reaction. There are still many issues to be worked out, and Mr. Witt indicated that this project is in very preliminary stages.

One hundred and eight parcels are intended for the site, with approximately 1/3 of the units intended as affordable housing for seniors. Mr. Witt explained that the structures will be designed to be compatible with architectural styles already present in this area. There will be a "green" in the center of the development, with sidewalks for pedestrians. Garages and cars will be behind the dwellings, arranged in ways to reduce their impact on the community. Mr. Witt said that power cables would be buried.

Other utilities such as water and sewer are more problematic. Water will have to be pumped up and then stored in some sort of a tower to create pressure in the development. There is approximately 115 feet difference in elevation between Eddy Street and the plateau of land that would be the site of the development.

Existing sewer lines stop at the Old Eddy Plow building on Eddy Street. Department of Public Works Superintendent Leo Flynn said that the existing sewage treatment facility is working at capacity when school is in session, and only slightly below when school is not open.

Mr. Witt mentioned that the alternative to Village sewer would be building the development's own treatment system.

The cost of a private sewage treatment facility, as well as other project costs are not yet known or firm, but will "drive the project," according to Mr. Witt.

In general, the development is "clustered", with smaller lots and more dense living in the center. The most expensive homes on bigger lots would be nearer the perimeter.

An audience member questioned the number of children that might be added to Greenwich school's population. Mr. Rymph said they could approximate that, but did not have the figure that evening. Another audience member asked if Village crews would be maintaining the streets. Answer, yes.

Mayor McCormick acknowledged that this proposed development will generate many questions when people learn about it. He asked folks with questions to submit them in writing to the Village Clerk, who will forward them to Mr. Rymph or Mr. Witt.

The Railroad Bridge over the Battenkill at Greenwich - photo by Clifford Oliver